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The 2013 US Open Is Underway!

While I didn’t make it to the Western & Southern Tournament, in Cincinnati, a couple of weeks ago, I’m still just as tuned in as I usually am come US Open time.

Even though, as of this posting, Venus Williams has bowed out, she electrified NYC with her first round upset of the #12 seeded player in the world. But that wasn’t the only story to come out of that match. Did you see her hair? Va-va-va-voom!


And she wasn’t done! For her second round match, today, this is how she wore her hair. It wasn’t enough to push her into the third round, but I’m just glad she’s still even playing. (Please don’t retire anytime soon, V!)

The next huge storyline I’ve seen so far is the surprised win by 17 year old American Victoria Duval. She upset the 11th seeded player, and former US Open Champion, Sam Stosur. It was just her 2nd US Open match ever and she’s ranked 296 in the world!

Look at the sheer bliss after her big win! You can’t replicate that type of passion! I look forward to seeing more from her!


And watch her post-match interview below…

How cute is this child? I will definitely be keeping an eye on her! The US needs girls like this, along with Sloane Stephens, to take the torch from Serena and Venus in a few years!

P.S. Can y’all believe there are only 3 days left in the #31WriteNow challenge? I have not missed a single day. Go me!

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Serena Williams FTW!

Hoisting her 9th career Grand Slam trophy

Hoisting her 9th career Grand Slam trophy

She did it! Serena Williams beat Jelena Jankovic in straight sets tonight! I think my mother and I woke up the entire neighborhood when she won that last point and secured her 9th career Grand Alam title.

The Williams Sisters domination continues as they won half of the big slams this year. Venus won Wimbeldon and Serena the US Open.

With the win, Serena also claims the world #1 ranking; something she hasn’t had since 2003. It’s about freakin’ time!

It was also cute to see Serena’s man, rapper Common, in the crowd supporting her. Awwww!

Congrats to Serena on a job well done! We’re so proud!

I’m looking forward to how the new WTA rules play out, once they go into effect next year. Venus and Serena have continually been penalized in the rankings because they don’t play as many tournaments as the rest of the players on the tour. New rules will require players to play fewer of them, which will benefit the Williamses. The bad part of the new rules is that if they skip one of the mandatory — as designated by the WTA — tournaments, they could face a suspension. Things are fixin’ to get mighty interesting in women’s tennis!

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US Open Fashion is Fun!

Nice work, Reebok!

Nice work, Reebok!

With Miss Sharapova taking a seat during this year’s US Open due to injury, I had to take a little look around to determine who was my fashion pick for the 2008 tournament.

My pick: Jelena Jankovic.

I’m not a big fan of her as I think she whines too much and I find her “medical time outs” strategy when momentum has shifted to her competitors very weak, but Reebok hooked her up proper with this 2008 US Open dress. I feel like I’d almost wear that out on the street. Yes, I think it’s that hot!

Bad news for Jelena is that while she will be the best dressed player on the court during the final, she has to face my girl Serena. I don’t think she has what it takes to beat Miss Williams this weekend. If she does win, it will be because Serena “lost”, not because Jelena beat her with superior play. In other words, it’s Serena’s match to lose. Get ‘er done, mama!

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What a Match!

Battles of the Williams sisters never disappoint

Battles of the Williams sisters never disappoint

In what would have been better had it been the final, Venus and Serena Williams met in the Quarterfinals of the 2008 US Open and gave everyone in attendance their money’s worth!

Not that I know, because I couldn’t bring myself to watch! Neither could my mother. It was as if it was her two children battling it out on the court in New York. We’re big fans of the Williams sisters and have been reppin’ for them since they first debuted on the WTA.

I can’t say that I didn’t have a favorite for this match because I did. Venus won the match the last time the sisters faced each other (2008 Wimbledon), so I thought that this time it was Serena’s turn. Plus, grass appears to be Venus’ surface, while Serena shines on hard court. Aussie and US Open tourneys are on hard court, so I tend to lean towards Miss Serena.

Serena, who was broken early on in both sets, fought off quite a few set points to win 7-6, 7-6. Two straight tiebreakers means that both sisters were bringing it!

Maybe I’ll download and watch the match later. But for now, I really want Serena to go all the way and win this one! It’s been a while since she’s hoisted the US Open trophy!

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