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Dear Les Wexner: Time to Turn VS PINK Scarlet & Gray!

VS PINK Collegiate Line

When Victoria’s Secret launched its PINK Collegiate line, 4 years ago, the young women of Central Ohio (the Worldwide Headquarters of this company) were shocked to see that The Ohio State University was not on the list of participating schools. This was also a bit surprising because the founder of Victoria’s Secret, Les Wexner, is an Ohio State grad and was a member of the school’s Board of Trustees.

At the time, we were given the following explanation, via The Columbus Dispatch:

“We wanted to be careful, because Mr. Wexner is a sitting member of the board of trustees,” said Rick Van Brimmer, director of trademarks and licensing for OSU. “As a state-supported school, we have to be cautious about conflict-of-interest issues.”

We collectively grumbled afterwards, but understood. We wouldn’t want anyone to get in trouble although it was hard to see the Buckeyes’ most hated rival, from that state up north, on the list of schools with custom collegiate PINK gear. Heck, the only Ohio school is the University of Cincinnati. Um, ok…

Four years later, and Les Wexner has now resigned from Ohio State’s Board of Trustees. So it seems that “conflict of interest” is no longer an issue, now is it?

All I can do is hope that somewhere along the chain of command, that this situation has been or will be revisited. Buckeye fans, in general, wear their OSU clothing with pride. On any given day, any time of the year, you will see the people of Central Ohio wearing Scarlet and Gray. I’ve had friends visit and they’re always shocked at how many people wear Buckeye themed clothing. I believe one even suggested that it was the official uniform of the city. I can’t argue! There is scarlet and gray everywhere you look, so finally making this line available to the company’s founding city would be a great business move, in my opinion.

So, Les, if you’re out there, please make this happen! We’re counting on you! GO BUCKS!

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My 2011 Bikinis Are Here!

The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale is a wonderful thing. And so is Combine the two and it makes for a wonderful transaction; especially if you live in Columbus, OH (where the VS international HQ is located).

I’ve had my eyes on a couple of suits since the company released their 2010 Swim Catalogue, but wasn’t able to snag them early on. Bring on the Semi-Annual sale!

Here are my purchases:

Added bonus? I already have a bikini body at the beginning of January (Thanks, TurboFire!). It’s only going to get better from here!

What about you? Have your eye on a bikini? Is it motivation to get in shape? Share!

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