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Trying To Clean This Place Up!

My previous webhosting server has been continuously attacked by hackers and spammers throughout the past 2 years. With my term almost up with that company, I decided it was time to move to new digs. So, that’s what I’ve been doing the past few days!

I’m just settling in, but I sincerely hope this experience is much better than what I just went through. Here’s to the future!

(And yes, I’m still going to work on fixing links, downloads, and anything else I can that has been broken on the site. Please be patient with me.)

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Another Web Hosting Option, If You’re Looking!

VPS Servers
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I know I talk about webhosting solutions a lot on here, but really, it’s just because over the past 10 years, I’ve learned it’s extremely important (especially if you’re a blogger) to have a stable and reliable webhosting environment. Today, I want to talk about DotBlock.

DotBlock offers a virtual hosting environment which can offers packages, called “VPS stacks“, with a wide assortment of pre-installed software to help your website project go as smoothly as possible. For instance, I highly recommend WordPress for blogging. There is a DotBlock WordPress VPS Stack available for purchase.

If you’re unfamiliar with VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, it is basically a partition of a physical (dedicated) server that is separate from other people’s accounts on same server. This is different (better?) than shared servers in that your bandwidth, space, etc. are your own and nothing anyone else’s website does can drain your resources. Some refer to it as a “semi-dedicated server”. You have your choice of server operating systems and custom features; only what you need. Also, pricing is definitely reasonable and, occasionally, they run ridiculous promos from time to time, so keep an eye out!

Customer service is available through the website through live chat, telephone, or a ticketing system. Support is always super important for a hosting server. DotBlock even has their own iPhone app, which I think is really cool. You can manage your account/billing on-the-go!

Just another option to think about when starting your own site! Add DotBlock to your list!

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When Shopping For A Webhost, Do Your Homework!

As someone who has been dealing with web hosts for over a decade, and is currently going through a server change right now, I feel I really need to help my readers out with a tiny bit of information. Please, please, please research a web hosting company before giving them your hard earned money!

Over the years I’ve had a lot of great hosts, and a few really terrible ones. I’ve also had people kind enough to host my projects on their dedicated servers (that’s the best hookup). Word of mouth is a great way to find candidates, but after you get those names, be sure to look ’em up!

A Google search is a must, but you should also check out sites dedicated to helping you find your web host match. Sites like They give you dedicated lists of companies, sorted however you like and completely based on your needs.

Say you use WordPress exclusively. They have a WordPress hosting section, including reviews, to help you on your way. From there, you can select and compare companies that tickle your fancy.

Sorting hosts by price and location are options as well if you’re on a budget! But beware, a lot of times you get what you pay for!

Also, if you have any questions or need recommendations, hit me up! I’d be more than happy to share my 10 years of experience with you as well!

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