I don’t know how I didn’t write this post last fall… actually, I do, but better late than never, right?!

Last year, I was reading through my “Entertainment” Twitter list and saw a story about a Marc Cherry dramedy called Devious Maids, which was being Executive Produced by Eva Longoria. Longtime Desperate Housewives fans, like me, recognize both of those names, so I was immediately intrigued. I learned that ABC passed on the show and Lifetime picked it up. I was all “Lifetime? Really?” but vowed to check out the show when it aired.

Boy, am I glad I followed up on that promise! I absolutely loved the show! It filled the void that Desperate Housewives left in my soul. It was part Wisteria Lane and part telenovela and I was addicted! I enjoyed the hell outta that show and was sad when it started winding down.

But as that happened, Lifetime started showing promos for another new series called Witches of East End. I don’t what it was about that show, but I was super interested in watching that as well. Did Lifetime suddenly discover the recipe for getting me addicted to TV shows?

Well, I watched Witches of East End, too, and loved it! I was immediately sucked in and practically held my breath while I waited to hear if it was going to be renewed for Season 2. (It was.)

Devious Maids fans, all across the country welcomed the show back this past Sunday. It also marked the first episode Eva Longoria directed. And during the premiere, we got our first look at Season 2 of Witches of East End, which is advertised as “coming this summer.”

Take a look:

I cannot wait!

Thank you, Lifetime, for bringing more shows into my life! I have trust issues with the major networks, as they constantly display their itchy trigger finger when it comes to deciding a show’s fate.

What are your guilty pleasure shows? Is there a network that’s stepped up to the plate for you?