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New Blog Theme!


Whenever winter rolls around, I always feel the need to change up whatever theme I’m using. This was especially true this year because I realized the theme I was using, Bueno, is super popular! I can’t blame my fellow bloggers. WooThemes puts out breaktaking themes and Bueno was free and wonderfully done. But I don’t like my blog looking so much like other’s. It’s harder to stand out that way!

So, behold my new theme! I added a wintery background in addition to the yearly snowfall. I like it and hope you do as well!


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Review: LinkShare WordPress Plugin

The other day, I said that I was going to take a look at the LinkShare Link Lookup WordPress plugin. I feel like it’d come in handy on the blogs I run for musicians since I’m part of the iTunes partner program. It’s such a hassle to have to log-in, find the song/album I’m looking for, copy (edit) the code, and place it in its corresponding blog.

This plugin will allow the blogger to click an icon on the post page that will bring up a pop-up that allows you to insert a link or code directly to your post or page. Here is a description:

Just click on the red arrows on the top right of the write posts page. This opens a side bar that lets you search the LinkShare databases for commission paying links in two different ways. The first lets you convert a URL from the advertiser’s site into a commission paying link. The second lets you search for items by keywords.

I’m going to try it out right now. Let’s see… I’m currently diggin’ the resurgance of Kelly Clarkson, so I’m going to try to look her up.

I tried method two, opting to choose a keyword for my search. First of all, I think only allowing one search term is ridiculous, and secondly, the results returned weren’t exactly Kelly songs. I got a bunch of results that were from A Tribute to Kelly Clarkson, as well as some karaoke singles. So, the only “real” Kelly result I found was her collaboration of “Because of You” with Reba McEntire on Reba’s 50 Greatest Hits album. I clicked the “add image” link and nothing happened. Same with the “add text” link. Nothing was inserted into this post. So, a big FAIL for that method.

The first option was to take a URL from the iTunes store and paste it into the sidebar. From there, you click a button that encrypts the link with your affiliate code so you can use it on your site. I looked up Kelly’s new album “All I Ever Wanted” and copied the Pre-Order link from iTunes. LinkShake Link Lookup did generate a link for me and here it is: Pre-Order Kelly Clarkson’s new album, All I Ever Wanted! It’s the Limited Edition Deluxe version, yo.

So, I guess the plugin only half works for me. The method that I really wanted to use, search and automatic placement into my post/page sucked. That was really disappointing. Being able to stay within my WordPress admin area while searching and placing LinkShare products into my posts would have been awesome.

However, it still is easier to do it this way rather than log-in to the LinkShare portal, IMO. Combine that with the Amazon Reloaded for WordPress plugin, and I can still get the product’s image rather easily. So, I think I’ll keep this plugin and hope they fix whatever reason the keyword search option doesn’t not work properly.

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New Theme!

But not really! It’s basically the 3 column version of the one I already had up. It’s also optimized for Google adsense, but I don’t have ads up on here…not yet anyway. I’ll keep an open mind, but I just don’t see the point right now!

Anyway, the reason behind the switch was that I have more to share! If you look on the far right sidebar, there are some Delicious links. I’ve started bookmarking interesting things that I don’t necessarily want to blog about. It’s especially easy from my iPhone thanks to the Yummy app! Seriously, though. I keep finding apps that cut down on my computer time. It’s insane! So anyway, you can see that fresh content over there.

I’ll probably experiment with some other things in the coming weeks. Rest assured that I’ll let you know if I find any other great add-ons for the site!

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How-To: Rid Yourself of WP Admin Notifications

I have often times perused the backend of my WordPress installations in search of a setting to alter to turn off admin notifications. I’m sure there are a lot of people who find it very helpful to receive an email every time someone registers at their blog. I am not one of those people. I find it extremely annoying.

Turning to Google, my BFF, I saw a couple of solutions that I wasn’t down with. One was creating an email filter to sent those notifications to a folder. Not good enough. Another option was to edit the WordPress code itself. I probably could have gone that route, but I’d rather not tamper with core WP files if I don’t have to.

My search then led me to a wonderful plugin called Register Plus. It gives you more control over what visitors to your site see when they register. It’s really neat if you want options like changing the WP logo to one of your own, of adding custom fields to the register form. However, in my eyes, the best feature is the wonderful checkbox at the bottom which asks you if you’d like to disable admin notification emails. Yes, please!

Get rid of admin notifications with Register Plus

Get rid of admin notifications with Register Plus

We’ve all heard that it’s the small things that make life enjoyable. Well, sometimes other “little things” can get on your last damn nerves! I’m glad to have found a solution to this pestering.

So, I will now go about installing this on my more popular blogs. Thank you, Register Plus!

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Embracing Winter!

So, here it is; the new theme! My ode to winter. I live in Ohio, so I need to learn how to embrace it, although I still maintain that I’m not used to it. I complain every year, just ask anyone who knows me.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new look! I’ll probably change it again in a month or so. I’m thinking I need to create/customize a WordPress theme for King James…

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