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Knocked The Dust Off My ChaLEAN Extreme DVDs

ChaLEAN Extreme

It’s been a couple of years, but I thought it was high time I busted out my ChaLEAN Extreme DVDs. I typically do the program once per year, beginning in late Spring, but last year, I decided to do Les Mills Pump instead. I loved LMP, but missed my annual 3-4 month run with CLX. So, this Spring, I decided to do it again. And man, oh man, how I’ve missed it!

ChaLEAN Extreme, and my workout-by-workout review of the first time I did the program, remains some of the most popular posts on my site (behind the running podcasts).

In the 2+ weeks I’ve been back at it, I can tell I’ve already gotten stronger! My improvement with push-ups is how I typically measure strength in the Burn Phase. I increase the amount of unmodified reps I do with each workout. Score!

But I’m also doing things a little differently. I usually do some type of TurboFire/ChaLEAN Extreme Hybrid, and that’s not change, to a point. For the Burn Phase, I’m adding 20-30 minutes of some TurboFire workout onto the end of my ChaLEAN Extreme strength workout. And in between those days, I’m doing my Couch to 5k running program. In the past I’ve noticed that CLX sometimes bulks my thighs up, and the only way to stop that, is to add more cardio! So, I’m doing a bit of cardio every day.

When I move on to the Push Phase, I’ll switch things up by doing the c25k running plan on the lifting days, and a full TurboFire cardio workout on the non-lifting days. I think I’ll need more intense cardio during that month because there aren’t any compound, cardio-inducing moves in ChaLEAN Extreme during that phase.

I haven’t thought about what I’m going to do during the Lean Phase. I’ll probably go back to doing Couch to 5k on cardio days, and just CLX on designated strength training days. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there!

I just wanted to post an accountability updated on what I’m up to these days with my fitness routine. It feels really good to be settled into a schedule, and I’ll definitely stick with it!

Hope everyone else’s Spring fitness plans are working out well! If you need any help or suggestions, just let me know!

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Back On Track!

I mentioned the other day, that I was all discombobulated due to a rocky winter. I thought getting back into a fitness routine would really help, so I took that step this Monday. Instead of going back to Les Mills Combat, I decided to do a second round of Les Mills Pump.

I really enjoyed that program the first time around. The music is awesome and I really love all the instructors. So, I figured “why not?!” As was the case with Round 1, I’m not following the program to the T. I’m doing a hybrid with Turbo Fire, because everyone knows that’s my soul mate workout. I just don’t think 30-60 minute walks are sufficient cardio for me. I need more intensity!

So, I got back to work Monday and I feel great! It’s helped me upped my water intake, too. That always helps me feel better. Not that I typically eat poorly (I’m a disciple of the “moderation” school of thought), but I’m sneaking in healthier snacks and more fruits and veggies as well. My old standby “healthy” peanut butter, Better ‘n Peanut Butter, was super old, so I tossed it. I’m now going to grab PB2, which is highly recommended by my fellow Beach Body addicts.

I figure if just a couple of carb free foods are added into my diet, here and there, it will make a difference. I don’t need an overhaul. Shakes, cooking ingredients, cheese, crackers, and milk alternatives are on my list. For example, I used Silk Almond Milk in my Shakeology shakes last year. I’ll probably bring something like that back.

Basically, when I’m in a routine, it’s a trickle down effect on my entire life. I should have forced myself back into this sooner, but life happens! I’m glad I was able to right the ship and break out of my winter rut!

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My 2010 Fitness Journey: Part 2, Turbo Jam

When I kicked off my “fit into my pants again” fitness plan, the first step was a familiar one: Turbo Jam. After I abandoned The Firm workouts for good, Turbo Jam was where I turned. I love, love, loved Chalene Johnson, the fun & dance-y aspect of the workouts, and the overall intense aspect of it. That’s what I missed from The Firm. I would sweat, and some tapes would be tough, but I was never really out of breath or completely spent. Turbo Jam took the workout intensity to another level and I actually saw results.

So, my plan for March was 100% Turbo Jam. For the 1st two weeks, since I’d been idle since September, my schedule included doing a workout every other day. And I wanted those workouts to be about half an hour or so. There was no way I was going to jump back into workout and start with the 45+ minute workouts. Not unless I wanted to kill myself lol.

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TurboFire: After 3 Weeks

I’ve been putting this post off for a couple of weeks now, and I’m putting my foot down now! I must talk about the latest and greatest fitness program from Chalene Johnson, TurboFire!

I mentioned that I’d be doing this program on my last fitness post, but I didn’t go into details. I’ll be doing that right here.

Being an alum of both Turbo Jam and ChaLEAN Extreme, I am extremely familiar with Chalene and her fitness programs. Also, as someone with a background in dance, I pick up choreography pretty easily. So, I approached TurboFire with a lot of optimism.

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