Some people don’t like resorting to the virus/trojan-filled peer-to-peer programs like LimeWire for their music fixes. I know I don’t.

As sharing mp3s and online streaming has evolved, so have the methods to capture those files.

To get music from imeem requires a few steps.

1. Go download WebVideoCap.

2. Install the program like you normally do, and start it up.

3. When it opens, you should see a basic config screen like the one below:

You network IP will appear in the top box. Then configure your program so the options are like mine. You can choose whichever download folder you’d like. The same goes with the file prefix.

4. Head on over to Search for a song you wish to download.

5. Before you load the user page that has your song on it, open up WebVideoCap and click the “Start Capture” button at the lower left-hand corner. Now click through to the page with the audio on it.

6. The flash player and file will load. It’s that line going across your screen pretty fast. Once it gets to the end, go ahead and pull WebVideoCap back up and click “Stop Capture”. You do not have to listen to the entire song in order for the download to be successful. It just has to fully load while WebCapVideo is in capture mode!

Your song is loading!

Your song has finished loading. You can stop WebVideoCap now

7. Open up the folder you designated your captures to go to and you should see a .flv file. You will not see anything in mp3 format, so don’t panic!

8a. Now we need to convert your flv to mp3. Point your browser at, where you need to download the Freez FLV to MP3 Converter; it’s free! Pretty straight forward interface, but if you need instructions on how to use this program, you can find some here.

8b. When I first started writing this tutorial, I found an online site that converted flv to mp3 without needing to download/install any additional software. But as I am finishing this, the site isn’t online. In the case that it’s temporary downtime, keep an eye on The easiest bethod is the “By file upload” option. Browse your computer for the folder you had WebVideoCap save your imeem files. Select your flv and click “ok”. The site will show you the progress of converting your file to mp3.

So there ya go! Now you can download from imeem!