As MySpace continues to grow as a medium to discover and share new music, so does the technology with which to capture it.

I remember when I first stumbled upon MySpace. My friends forced me to join — much like FaceBook — but that’s not the point. The first profiles I really started looking at regularly were those of music artists. Back then they were the ones who were really using the network to promote themselves.

I noticed that a lot of them posted exclusive mixes, acoustic, and/or live performances on their pages that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Even if you wanted to purchase them, there were no places where you could do so. I remember wanting some of those songs for my collection, but couldn’t figure out how to save them.

I stumbled upon a few websites that did the “dirty work” for you, but they didn’t last long before MySpace and their lawyers shut them down.

Since then, I have found 3 different methods to save music from MySpace; 2 of which involve putting a URL into a form. The third way requires a program to be run from your computer.

So, here we go!

1. MySpace MP3 Gopher. You download and run this little program to your computer. Then you plug in the Friend ID of the artist, whose songs you wish to save. You can get the Friend ID from their blog, tour, photo, or video sections.

For this example, I used Adele’s MySpace tour page. See below:

Example of a MySpace Friend ID

So, in this case, you’d take 7032442 and plug it into MySpace MP3 Gopher. It will return a list of the songs currently available on Adele’s profile. It will look like so:

MySpace Song List

Double-click on the song you want to download. (You can only save one at a time) I chose Adele’s “Chasing Pavements” MySpace MP3 Gopher will open a “Save” prompt to see where you’d like to save the file. You can also change the title.

The next step is the Gopher instructing you to wait for the MP3 flash player to load. After which, you’ll be able to begin downloading by clicking the “Download” button on said player. See picture below.

MySpace Download Prompt

After you press the Download button, you need to hit “Play” for the song to start. It will end up playing most of the way through as the stream is fully saved to your hard drive.

MySpace MP3 Gopher - Press Play

Your MySpace song is downloading

After the song is finished downloading, an alert window will pop up and let you know. It looks like below:

All Finished!

The reason I included this, in light of other easy methods, is because regardless of what happens with the quicker sites, you can always run this on your computer.

I’m not going to host MySpace MP3 Gopher here because then I’d also be getting a cease and desist from MySpace’s lawyers. I’m just telling you how to use it. See how I did that? If you’re interested in a download, Google is your friend. 😉 Enjoy!

2. Now on to the easy way to save music from MySpace. I’ll give you a useful site: or (close the zango entry pop-up every time it pops up)

All you do is put the URL of the MySpace page you want to download music from and it will generate download links for you on the fly. In this case, I used

Below is a screen cap: / /

3. Lastly, is another site that will save mp3s after you enter the artist page. I won’t provide any screen caps or other instructions because has already done it for me! used to be one of those sites before they were shut down. Now, they refer you to, and show you how to get your audio successfully.

It’s only a matter of time before and are targeted by MySpace, if they haven’t already been. Then they’ll get shut down and the next crop of sites will pop up. All the while, you can still use MySpace MP3 Gopher.

So I hope this page has helped you in your quest to save music from MySpace.